Chronicles of a Spang Story


It was in May 2016 when I graduated high school,finishing off as a representative at one of Suriname’s American schools, Christian Liberty Academy. After finishing high school, I took some time off to figure out what new experiences I could gain. Like many others, I had no clue what to expect and I tried many things; until something finally worked. Following on a few months after graduation, things gradually started to make sense. It was around July 2016 when I saw this post on social media about a creative week.To be honest, just the context of the description aroused my attention and I just really wanted to be part of the event. Later that week, I was able to attend the event. The atmosphere, joy, and enthusiasm within this organization created warmth and a pleasurable sensation. After the event, I knew that once I got a glimpse of what life at Spang Makandra was, it would not only prepare me for my journey to a new chapter ,but that the path of Spang Makandra would stucture me into a better individual.

So guess what happened next…..
A few months later, I was given the privilege to be chosen as one of the candidates of Spang Makandra. In addition, I was given the position as a sales and marketing officer. Not long after I realized that there are people depending on me now and that my level of responsibility not only increased but was also somewhat important.

My time at Spang Makandra not only allowed me to experience a “new world” but it also increased my knowledge on so many levels more than I could have ever imagined. From attending various meetings,to socializing, communicating, and consulting with new and fantastic people. I could say that I have thoroughly been blessed to have encountered such exposure and opportunities. Not only did Spang Makandra make a way when there seemed to be no way,but they also proved to be open-minded by simply accepting me for who I was. Also, besides the fact that I was the youngest individual they showed that they believed. Despite my age, I was challenged with the assistance of others to overcome any obstacles that came my way.

I consider myself fortunate being able to be amongst different individuals. Everyone put their best foot forward and through those simple aspects of hard work they gradually developed personal growth and expanded their horizons. Spang Makandra has always emphasized on personal responsibility. Yes, we support each other if we fall but we also remember, to encourage, uplift, and educate each other as a team.

Spang Makandra in the digital age

Digital era
So as a company, does Spang Makandra acknowledge the drastic change in the digital generation and do they support the need of this unique way of management and leadership within the company and community. We understand also that the new world of digital and technology awaits us and if we remain in the pass we will miss the virtues and values of the future.

Spang as an internet marketing company embraces the new norm of office culture varying from our bean bags to our videos games, our friday interactive sessions “Freyda Bakana Koni” and monday morning huddles. Meanwhile, also embracing the technological advances to encourage better and comfortable working platforms. As we all know, adapting to the digital generation is not easy, and Keeping up with the digital generation is an even difficult task but any leading company such as Spang Makandra has to be prepared to be comfortable in the VUCA WORLD (Volatile,uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) in order to successfully increase innovation and efficiency. As a workforce, Spang Makandra practices digitalization by various innovation events, partaking in hackathons, providing trainings, workshops, and by using lean and agile system in the company’s structure.

The change of leaders in a company relies and reflects on the traditional belief of the functionality of that individual’s role within the company. With Spang Makandra’s intrapreneur programs the company uses its knowledge to train and educate individuals to have an impact as well as an social or even financial contribution. One of the primary difference in the firms today are in those who put the interests of their employees before the latest corporate trends, and aren’t afraid to stand out from the pack.

In the digital age, we are dealing with exponential changes and challenges allowing them to be more comprehensive and unpredictable. More information is required to be obtained in order to fulfill what is possible. Adjusting to this change allows us to see the possibilities and focus more on what is possible than on what is probable. It is also important as a company to use communication technology to create profitable actions. The actions go beyond the basic website which exposes numerous and complex opportunities such as : Search engine optimization, search engine advertising, Social implementations, Campaigns, Mobile apps, websites, ecommerce, blogs, newsletter, and online surveys.

In conclusion, being in the digital era allows Spang Makandra as a company to offer various solutions, strategies, and alternatives. Creating a new mindset and developing new patterns amongst the workforce with agility and flexibility to respond to unfolding situations.
If there is one thing Spang Makandra taught me it would be:
If life gives you lemons, set up a lemonade stand and sell some lemonade!


Abigail E. Hintzen