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What is Online Marketing? 7 Elements to achieve Online success

What is Online Marketing?
The seven elements of Online Marketing succes.

What is Online Marketing?

When I first came into contact with the term Online Marketing or Internet Marketing, I was eager to find out more. While there are books that touch upon this subject, I was disappointed how little information was provided online and how incomplete the information was. On the internet, Online Marketing is often coined as ‘tools, strategy or methods to promote a business online’. That’s like defining Marketing as creative ways to hand out flyers, making TV and Radio Commercials and printing stuff on Billboards. In this article I won’t focus on one perfect definition of Online Marketing, but rather go into detail what Online Marketing really is, how it relates to Marketing in general and the seven elements Online Marketing, which you can master in order to achieve Online Marketing success.

From Marketing to Online Marketing

To find one clear definition of Marketing has been a doubtful task. However, after years of debates, it is clear that Marketing revolves around providing value to the customer. Kotler and others have constantly built their definition this core principle.

When using this definition of marketing, Online marketing simply becomes the process of online communication in order to provide value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling said product or service. When searching for the term Online Marketing however, Wikipedia redirects to Online advertising, which is only one of the many elements of the whole Online Marketing process. Continue reading What is Online Marketing? 7 Elements to achieve Online success