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Video Marketing: 8 things you should do when posting video’s on Facebook

How to get started with video marketing

Nowadays you can’t miss video’s when you scroll down your Facebook timeline.
These are Facebook video’s which you can play directly without redirecting you to another channel.
Quite handy right?

Check out below how you can use video’s on Facebook to capture the attention of your online audience.

  1. Educate your audience: Educate your audience with information about your products or brand. Tips & tricks can also be beneficial.
  2. Be entertaining: When posting video’s on Facebook you have to capture your audiences attention. People like watching interesting stuff like funny video’s, behind the scenes video’s or creating something fun.
  3. Add a featured video: Featured videos are still currently rolling out on Facebook. Why? They are more prominent, you can place video’s in your about section to make it more personal. You can also place your video’s on your video tab.
  4. Use the “Watch Video” Call-to-action: Don’t forget that you can add a call-to-action at the end of your video. You can do this if you want to get traffic to an app or website. That way you can also track the benefit of your video. All the statistics about your reach and engagement on the videopost is available, also for export on an excel sheet.
  5. Boost Video Views with an Ad: Video’s on Facebook tend to reach more fans than usual posts with visuals, but to get more engagement we advise to boost your video with an ad. That way your message can have the effect you desired.
  6. Facebook Native Video: Last year we posted Youtube video’s on Facebook. Nowadays you can directly post from Facebook and track your results with the Facebook statistics as stated earlier.
  7. Brand Spotlight: There are several companies using Facebook Native video’s in Suriname. Some of them are: Starnieuws, PARBO Bier, Fernandes Ice Cream, Suriname Airways and TeleG powered by Telesur. Besides the brands there are also artists and comics who ferquently use Facebook for interaction with their fans. They also use facebook to track traffic to the website or their Youtube channel. 
  8. What brands need to remember about Facebook: Some things you need to consider when posting video’s on Facebook:
    • Facebook has a sophisticated algorithm that controls its newsfeed.
    • Facebook native videos Autoplay within the newsfeed.
    • This makes it easier for viewers to find video content.
    • It does not mean viewers will stay to watch it through.
    • Viewers drop off from watching videos as they scroll through the newsfeed.
    • If a viewer arrives at a Youtube video, there is a higher probability that they are in a dedicated video- watching area. This leads to higher retention.
    • Facebook is many things. But it’s not a search engine.